Freewrite #39 – Respect

Latavia Spriggs

Respect. Respect means to treat someone with care or “high regard”. Respect or should I say being respectful is a quality everyone should have. If you don’t have it, you need to obtain it in order to actually get somewhere in life in my opinion. You go around today and see disrespect for almost anyone and anything. Respect should be taught by parents, taught what it is, what it means to have it, and that it should also be earned. I saw this video on Twitter yesterday of this student smacking his teacher because HE felt disrespected. This makes me wonder what happened before the video was taken to where he felt like that was okay in any sense. Sure the teacher might’ve disrespected him but the way he reacted was far out of line. Where is the line for respect anyways? At what point does someone lose the respect you have for them? How do you determine disrespect and being rude? The word disrespect is thrown around so loosely sometimes, that I wonder if people even know the true definition of respect and disrespect itself?