Freewrite #38 – Growth

Latavia Spriggs

Growth. The first thing growth makes me think of is height, because of the formal definition. However, growth is much more than physically changing in size. Growth can come in you changing your views mentally and spiritually. In my opinion, I’ve grown from the beginning of my 9th-grade year to the beginning of my 10th-grade year. I’ve gained a better understanding of myself and others and got an open mind. I hope to continue to grow the rest of my high school years, and reflecting on my growth in the end.
Back to the free-write. You can grow as a person, by your mindset and beliefs. Close-mindedness will not allow you to grow, along with toxic traits and people in your life, because these things stunt your growth. You grow by cutting off people you feel as though aren’t going to get you anywhere or wish to see you not succeed, these people are also known as leeches. My main hope this new year, everyone continues to grow in their own ways physically, mentally, and spiritually, along with myself.