Jakeria Spriggs

I always wanted to travel the world to see and try new things. When I was in 5th grade I was chosen out of my whole school to travel in the “People to People” program as a student ambassador. When I went to the meetings I was shy because I was traveling with different people from around the world. The trip that I was attending was a one week trip to Alaska. We flew a plan an the ride was 16 hours long. I learned and saw so much, did you know that Alaska has 23 hours of daylight? I couldn’t believe it either, it was hard for me to go to sleep knowing that it was still day light outside. I had to sleep under covers. My first couple of days there were hard because I was getting home sick, the first night I cried myself to sleep. Each night we slept with a new roommate just to get to know everyone. To wake us up the staff would knock on our doors and tell us to come eat breakfast in the main lobby. Everyday we did and saw something new, we went hiking in the woods an saw moose foot prints in the mud, we went to a farm and taste different types of fruits that I never hear about, we learned how to run away from moose because they are well know to be spotted in the wild. When running away from a moses you must run in a zig-zag because they can’t keep their balance and wouldn’t be able to keep up. I also learned that you can tell if the moose poop is old or not. I know that’s sounds gross but it’s actually cool. When the tourist picked up the poop he said that if you crumble it up and it turns into hay that means it’s old. Why would someone want to pick up moose poop ? I don’t know. Alaska is known for their Giant Snow Crab legs because their so big and the meat is so fluffy. I was so in love.