Flowers Freshman Is An Up and Coming Artist!


Terrence Brantley

“Coming up next to the stage we have a performance by Tokyo!” Those are the words that I heard when I first seen Tokyo perform live last October at Apollo Night. Tokyo is a freshman at Charles Herbert Flowers and he has tremendous confidence to take the stage as a freshman and kill it. He has two projects out and is working on a third right now! I spoke with Tokyo so the people can get to know him more!
Terrence: “What got you started making music?”
Tokyo: “Well I always had been into music. I started off playing drums at the age of six. Then I had gotten a gift, it was a little DJ tool with a mic and I could record myself over beats and ever since then I just fell in love with rapping.”
Terrence: “In 5 years where do you see yourself musically?”
Tokyo: “In 5 years I see myself as a successful inspiring business man and artist.”
Tokyo has a bright future and the world will know his name soon! Below are links to his current projects that are out on Spinrilla and Soundcloud!