Sport Concussions

Sydney Brutus

A lot of people admire the idea and concept of sports. Whether it be staying after school to participate in the activity, or supporting a particular team, the category of the games has captured the heart and mind of all its associates.
Despite the love for sports that we provide, not all of the games are safe to play. People may have heard from their friends or teammates about how they experienced damage from playing on the field, like an ankle or arm injury.
The most dangerous and fatal injury that someone can receive from playing sports is called a concussion. A concussion is a brain injury that results in a temporary state of unconsciousness or impact because of a strike or hard attack to the head.
The most common sport that people encounter concussions from is football since the players may tackle and attack another opponent, sometimes to the head or knocking them down. There are other sports you can get the injury as well, such as soccer and volleyball. In soccer and volleyball, the players may not wear any headgear to protect their heads like football players, but regardless if you wear a helmet or not, you can still get a concussion since the headgear does not protect the brain injury inside of your head.
It is simple to recognize the signs of a concussion while playing, especially if you received a blow to the head. Some symptoms of a concussion include a headache, dizziness, nausea, drifting towards unconsciousness, and hearing ringing in your ears. If you begin to feel some of these symptoms while playing, tell your coach the situation immediately and ask to be removed from the game or practice.