Where are the School Passes coming from?


Cami Burrell

You may not care about where the passes come from, but after about a few months have passed someone has to recreate all of the passes students break, tear, or lose. National Art Honor Society is responsible for making these passes and at a certain point we must move onto another project so then Ms.Pond (the ceramics teacher and NAHS sponsor) spends her extra time after school to make the passes alone. If you still don’t care about where the passes come from and you aren’t convinced you should treat them a little better, you should just know that there about 140 teachers in the school and we have to make two passes for each so double 140 and you will get more than 280 passes being made by one small club when you account for the changing amount of teachers. Now that you know where the passes come from hopefully you  won’t lose or break anymore…that would be nice.