Should Students Be Sent To School When Its A Certain Temperature Outside?

Latavia Spriggs

Every day this week, the week of 1/28-2/1, PGCPS had either a 2-hour early release or 2-hour delay schedule for the reasons of inclement weather. On 1/31, Schools operated on a 2-hour delay schedule when it was in the single digits outside, which made me pose the question, should students be sent to school at all when it is a certain temperature outside?
The students in this county do not hold back their voice when it comes to PGCPS. Every day this week you could find a student talking about the weather and PGCPS decisions when it comes to it.
“Schools should be closed when it’s too cold outside,” says a student from Suitland high school. “Anything below 20 degrees F is dangerous. They want to risk their students getting sick and possibly injured or worse in this weather”.
What do you think? What conditions should decide whether or not PGCPS county public schools should open on a delayed schedule or be closed in general?