Making Money Moves

Kadijatu Johnson

Money don’t solve money problems.
The people who make the most money don’t know how to spend it. They buy things they do not need.
Money have become our master. We have let our lives be control by money.
Whenever you get money the first thing you should do is pay God, second pay yourself and then pay your bills.
But in school they teach you the first thing you do when you get money is pay your bills, and put yourself last.
You gotta keep paying the price for what you sow your soul for. Money.
Time is gonna keep going weather or not you do something with it.
Life is not guarantee so you need to start making decisions.
You are going to get older.
Your present is in front of your future.
We spend our life trying to make money and getting other people rich.
The difference between you and other people is the cover God gives you.
There is obstacle where you feel you are not good enough. See God.
Don’t chase money. Pursuit your passion. And put God first.
The money you make figure out how you make that money. You have to be discipline.┬áDon’t chase money, money will chase you.