Where is the Individuality?

Jordan Gabriel

“Don’t theses schools do enough damage, making all the kids think alike. Now they have to look-alike too” -George Collin
I think uniforms in school is the dumbest idea ever. The goal of the school system is to destroy all creativity and individuality. Uniforms are just another device to help them do it.
School is meant to teach the future leaders of the world. If something doesn’t change now the school system will create a world of clones. Imagine a place where kids are sent to have their brains mutilated, where instead of coming up with their own ideas and innovations they memorize and repeat the ideas of someone else. And on top of that they all are forced to wear the exact same thing or else they are trapped in a room with no windows with nothing to do but stare at walls (A.K.A ISS). Sounds a lot like school. What if the whole world was like this. The results would be tragic, the world would become catastrophic.
School uniforms create a mental block in students minds that can make it almost impossible for them to be themselves when it is most important for them to find themselves. IF schools continue to force us to wear uniforms they will destroy us. SCHOOL UNIFORMS ARE TOO CRUEL TO BE USED AND SHOULD BE ABOLISHED.