Ahmed Shaban

If you could focus on anything what would it be? I would focus on my writing this right here is what’s on my mind being shaped from pencil printed to my paper my choice of weapon was the pencil you can tell what kills guns don’t kill people people kill people ignorance is your true enemy took me a little to understand the concept but i see. If you love somebody tell them make em feel it cross your paths with loyalty and love for others I was taught to never hate got caught up in a dream last night and I summarized it and my dream was going on about how i can stress but i need to understand god is making my path better for me. When I write I want people to understand what Im talking about im not rich i’m not poor my father works for us to be better my mom the same. I remember arguing with my aunt I was at fault but I didn’t believe her I had two ears but i talked twice as much as I could listen she just didn’t want to me to become something I was not. I think about what my uncle said to me everyday. “You will take of me’’ it stuck to me but I understand to be great you gotta remember where you came from to focus on the people who focused on you while they helped raise you. A lot of people have done right by me in my early stages in life I thank you all for you for the lessons given I heard something in a song “started stepping on my own turned myself to a writer’’ that’s how im rolling now.