Ahmed Shaban

Reflecting certain leaders have made me think about my father, who is the only person that truly inspires me to stay on a grind and work hard. Without my dad, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and that is the person who I want to be. I have seen it all with my father since my grandma died by him being jobless and trying to put something on my back.
Trust has made me believe that he is the only one who can trust me and snatch it over the littlest thing. Also, my mom, I don’t know how to talk to her, and I barely see her, but I would still try to do something.
The person I can truly trust is my cousin. I remember that my freshman year in November is where he changed me for the better. He would tell me how he would sneak out and race the sun home, as well as and how life was going to be okay. He also told me things that I found out he never told anybody, which made me realize that my cousin had put his complete trust in me. I’m not ready to have anybody to talk to about those problems.