Senior Signing Day!


Sydney Brutus

On February 6, 2019, National Signing Day for the senior athletes was held in the Helena Nobles-Jones Auditorium.
The ceremony presented senior players who got accepted into college through scholarships because of their athletic abilities and academic performance. Several coaches spoke on behalf of the seniors on stage, such as coach Powell, the football coach.
The seniors also gave their short speech regarding their acknowledgments and experiences for their school year, as well as announce which college they will be attending to continue playing their sport.
Here are the senior athletes who received their college scholarships:

  • Caron Barnhardt
  • Neko Boyd
  • Terrence Brantley
  • Calil Brown
  • Daniel Buchanan
  • Treymayne Cobb Jr.
  • Jemuel Cypress
  • Raven Felder
  • Dejah Grant
  • Darryn Hylton
  • Tizlam Muhammed
  • Ninamdt Ocebara
  • Devin Sanders
  • Zebadiah Suku
  • Jaden Thompson
  • Kobe Vanzego
  • Mekhi Williams
  • Sulton Woolbright

Congratulations seniors on earning your scholarships!