Morgan Miles

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” –Henry Ford.
In life, I always try to perfect myself, but I have to understand that I can’t be perfect. I have to grasp the idea that a being a failure is not an option, but  it is ok to fail because you learn from your mistakes. Henry Ford is right, when you fail to do a task, you learn from that opportunity and come back stronger and more mentally prepared. Failing is a part of life, Becoming a failure teaches you more than anything else. It is not about being a failure but about what if you never try your best again. Do not let any failure be your set back; let it be your motivator. My coach told me that it is ok to fail because I know when you fail you will work twice as harder to succeed. Different celebrities have taught me that there will never be a straight pathway to success; there will always be failures. You have to learn from them. “I am Failure, and I am my self-motivator.”