Sam Shokera Speaks on the Status Quo: How to challenge yourself?


La'dae Green

Sam Shokera graduated from Duval High School in 2005. He then went into University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 2010.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Business and  hotel management.  He was very involved in his class and club activities in high school as well as college.  At UMES, he became the president of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc..  He also created his own program and was elected, the president of the “Student Activities Board”. While involved in these activities, he found himself later involved in a rally.
Sam later found out that the TWI’s (Traditional White Institutes) were getting funded and granted more than the HBCU’s (Historical Black College’s).  This did not please him, he wanted to do something about it and make a change.  He and many other students marched 6-7 hours straight chanting to let people know that this is an issue.  Sam Shokera learned a lot on this journey to becoming a social activist.
Sam learned a lot about being an African-American male in America and standing out.  He learned to surround himself with like minded people.  People who he knew would keep him on track and have shared goals.  He also learned to control bad habits from when he was a child in high school.
Sam is an inspiring African-American male who plans to create a better foundation and lead by example with his goals.
“The way you present yourself is going to determine where you put yourself”.

-Sam Shokera