Through the Course of Love

Jayvon Pegus

I know you feel the pain in your chest                                       The life of a love one has just left                               Your emotions in shambles you feel a mess                       Feeling numb the pain hurts less                                             But life isn’t easy you have just reached the cress            The turning of a new leaf you feel refresh                      Because you have made it past the harsh test               He comforts you stimulating you putting your body to rest                                         Love flows again within her chest                                         For she realizes that he helped her through her mess  She asked if he would stay for better and  for worse and he said yes                                   He held her tight caressing her breast                                He indeed loves better than the rest                                    Knowing just what buttons to press                                    She can now express herself oh yes                                       Her problems all degrees       In jah name your truly bless  Life indeed is like game of chess                                       With LOVE & TIME you have nothing to stress