2011-2012: A Year in Review

Kameron Duncan, Sports Editor

This past school year saw many new experiences and happenings around Flowers. We had everything from an earthquake to the end of the most prolific and influential career the school has ever seen. With that said, let’s take a look back at the Flowers’ High year that was.
“So then the ground started to shake, right…”
That phrase most likely came out of the mouths of more than a few students on the second day
of school. What began as a day of initiation for B-day classes ended with the entire student body
outside of the school and wondering what happened. A 5.8-scale earthquake centered in Virginia
shook up the school and caused widespread confusion and panic. For many students, it was the
first time they had ever seen an earthquake, much less actually been in one. It was certainly one
of the days to remember of the past school year, and it happened only two days in.
Football’s Finest Hour
Flowers’ varsity football team experienced its most successful season to date in 2011. Their
play was even nationally chronicled, as one of their game-winning plays ended up on ESPN’s
SportsCenter in late October. After a particularly successful regular season, the Jaguars pulled
off a miraculous duo of upset victories over two highly-ranked opponents (Roosevelt and
Suitland). The Suitland victory was good enough to earn Flowers a 4A championship and a
spot in the state semifinals. Unfortunately their season ended there with a loss to Montgomery
County’s Good Counsel, but things are definitely looking up for the Flowers football team.
Another Year, another hit play
Like Bubbling Brown Sugar last year, and Dreamgirls the year before, Soul Train to Motown
captivated audiences this April. Featuring many of the talented students from Ms. Ingram’s
Drama classes, the play was a musical that featured many of the urban R&B hits of yesteryear.
The play received many rave reviews from the students, faculty, and other members of the
community that had the chance to see it live and in person.
End of an Era
Once this school year concludes, so will the career of our great principal, Mrs. Helena Nobles-
Jones. After eleven years of running the school at extremely high standards and some of the best
results to show for such standards, she will be retiring. In its short time in Prince Georges’
County, Flowers has become one of the most academically prolific schools in the county,
boasting many incoming college students year after year. The standard of excellence set by Mrs. Nobles-Jones has certainly been a proponent for this success. The school will remember her long after she leaves not only in spirit, as the SGA is trying to get the auditorium to be renamed in her honor.