Leading Ladies and Lads

Kadijatu Johnson

4-H Leading Ladies and Lads were invited to a teen dating summit on valentine’s day, which was on February 14, 2019.
Deja Perez from 93.9 was the MC.
There were different activities for teens to participate in. They had art competition, poetry, dancing, singing (opera), and different organizations had tables set up. And they had a fashion show. The organizations were giving out free supplies, such as journals, book bags with school supplies inside, and a valentine’s day gift bag, and teddy bears.
Different discussions were held relating to dating and dating violence. They talked about some of the signs of dating violence. Some of the signs were jealousy, throwing insults and calling you names to bring down your confidence/self-esteem, and your partner tries to keep you away from your social life. Also, feeling smother, and your partner threatens you or to kill your family or your pet.
They had a free photo booth. And an entire catering team was hired to prepare dinner for every individual that was present at the summit that night.
Below are some pictures to represent some of the activities.