Kadijatu Johnson


When people refer to others as being selfish

it usually means that they are saying you do not consider others.

You put yourself first, and others after you.

Don’t feel bad.

That is what you are supposed to do.

You can care about others

and love them but you have to do so for yourself first.

Before now,

when people would refer to me as being selfish,

I used to feel bad. However, now things are a little different.

I realized that putting myself first does not make me selfish.

I do not need to feel bad.

I have to love me first if I am going to love someone else.

Who will love me more than I love myself. NOBODY.

I am my number one priority, everything else comes after.

You can only be selfish if you think of yourself consistently,

NOT when you put yourself first.

Let us respect the difference. Putting yourself first is not being selfish.

Thinking of yourself constantly is selfish.