I’m Sorry Mother

Jakeria Spriggs

I’m sorry mother, that you got pregnant with me at 17 and tried to do things the right way and get married
I’m sorry mother, that my father didn’t stick to his vows and wasn’t there for you when you needed him  most
I’m sorry mother, that I stopped you and my father from finishing college…especially my father because he had full ride scholarships from playing football
I´m sorry mother, for all the men that came into your life and gave you nothing but pain
I´m sorry mother, for you having to deal with baby father drama and them barely paying child support
I´m sorry mother, that your mom has been lying to you about your real father…your whole life he took care of you then passed away not knowing that your biological father is still alive, coming over pretending to be your mothers boyfriend, treating your kids like his grandkids not knowing he really is our grandfather
I´m sorry mother, for not listening to you when you said DON´T
DON´T…lose your virginity
DON´T…have a baby until your married
DON´T…do the things I did
all because you didn´t want me to end up like you…being your only daughter made it worst because you see yourself inside me so you want me to be a better version of you…