Lady Jaguars Win States!


Terrence Brantley

Our Lady Jaguars Girls Basketball team made history winning the first state championship in Girls Basketball history at Flowers! The Jags worked hard the entire season to get to this point. They won their final 17 games in route to a dominating performance in the state championship! In order to get to the state championship they had to win the State semi-final, which they did! They defeated Western High School, by a score of , 53-49! The State Championship was against Old Mill High School at Towson University! The Jaguars won, by a score of, 57-42! The Jaguars were led in scoring by 23 points from standout Junior Kaniyah Harris, who has proved to be one of the top players in the state, and Senior Jasmine Hylton, who had 17 points! I asked both the dominant players about how they felt about their excellent cap to an amazing season:
Terrence: “How does it feel knowing all of your hard work ended up in you bringing a state championship back to Flowers?”

Kaniyah: “It feels unbelievable! Looking back on all the hard work and early mornings, it doesn’t even seem like a lot! It feels as if it’s become part of the routine. That extra effort we put in during the pre-season motivated us to dig deep when we were in tough situations. We were preparing for things we didn’t even know we were capable of doing and all the work was worth the prize in the end.”

Jasmine : “It honestly just hit me, knowing that we are really state champs and how much history we made this year for Flowers. Looking back at how much effort we put into this season to be who we are right now is unbelievable and it sets a tone for what’s to come next season!”
Terrence: “Knowing that this was your last game as a Jaguar, how would you describe your time as a Flowers athlete?”
Jasmine: “With me being here at Flowers for three years and leaving as a state champ, it has been a roller coaster. I’m definitely going to miss my team and the coaching staff and how they shaped me into the person I am right now. I will never forget this season… once a Jaguar, always a Jaguar.”
Terrence: “Now that you are State Champions, you are going to have a target on your back, is that any extra motivation for next season?”
Kaniyah: “Having a target on our back definitely serves as motivation. Now that we know we are capable of doing this, it is expected of us to work on our craft and perfect the things that need perfection!”
Major Congrats and Props to the entire Lady Jaguars Basketball Team on an excellent season and triumphing winning the 4A Maryland State Championship! Go Jags!

  • #1, Kaniyah Harris, Junior
  • #1, Khadija Conteh, Freshman
  • #2, Mercy Abodunrin, Sophomore
  • #2, Keona Matthews, Junior
  • #3, Taniyah Hogg, Sophomore
  • #4, Marie Conteh, Freshman
  • #5, Jasmine Hylton, Senior
  • #9, Sunola Ogunye, Junior
  • #10, Indira Nzerue, Junior
  • #21, Cori Robinson, Senior
  • #22, Carlee Foster, Sophomore
  • #22, Samani Nolan Bethea, So.
  • #23, Kennedy Cheek, Sophomore
  • #23, MaKayla Ware, Junior
  • #25, Zainab Bangura, Freshman
  • #25, LaShawna Robinson, Junior
  • #32, India Young, Senior
  • #33, Armani Fenwick, Senior
  • #45, Reese Carey, Freshman
  • #50, Kennedy Corley, Senior