Is the Lock Down Really the Answer?

Joy Douglas

Since there were a series of fights and threats at Charles Herbert Flowers, the school is on lock down by the security staff. Right now, our school has been running a “No Pass” policy to limit the students going into the hallways. The administration has put this lock down on indefinitely, so there is no saying when this lock down will conclude.
There are some basic things that this lock down is making certain actions hard to do. For example, for students to get permission to use the restroom, teachers have to call security to escort the student to the bathroom and back to the classroom. Sometimes, the security is nowhere to be found, especially in classrooms that are not in the main hallways. This predicament would force the students to walk out the classroom to relieve themselves, causing problems for the students and the teacher.
This bathroom situation is just one problem that this lock down has created, but will there be more?