County Makes History with Free SAT Administration for Seniors


By Meghan Brown, General Reporter

Great news, seniors! For the first time ever, the Prince George’s County Public Schools will administer the SAT for free on Wednesday, October 17, the same day as the PSAT.  It is a county initiative named SAT School Day. PGCPS is the only county in Maryland participating in the opportunity.

“I think it [was] a good idea and children should [have taken] the chance to take the test. I think the school system [was] doing a good job by allowing students to take the test.” said Mr. Edwards, 2013 administrator.
Seniors must register by October 3 on They were given this opportunity in English classes during September. Seniors were requested to print out their admission tickets and turn them into their English teachers by Sept. 27.
This SAT is like every other SAT so “seniors [had to have taken] it seriously” said Mrs. Washington, Test Coordinator.
Seniors will need to bring their own calculator, a picture ID  and their admission ticket if they did not turn it into their English teacher, to the testing site. Students will not be allowed to bring anything other than a calculator and ID into the testing room. All cell phones, bags and purses must be left in lockers.
“I think that [it was] awesome and convenient.” Leslie Zamora, senior, said.
This test will be administered during the day, at the same time the PSAT is administered. The testing sites were assigned in alphabetical order and the SAT will be held on the second and first floor.
Meanwhile, the PSAT will be administered to anybody that paid $15 to take it, except tenth graders. As always, the test is free to tenth graders. Juniors who take the PSAT and score high may qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Competition. Sophomores will test on the third floor in the humanities hallway. “I think it is good because gives us [tenth graders] the opportunity to practice and helps us [tenth] know what to expect on the SAT” said sophomore, Chaz Scott.

Advice to Seniors Taking SAT

  • “Read as many important magazines as you can. Take the practice test.” – Mr. Edward
  • “Study like you would for an SAT that you would pay for because it’s the last [chance] to get this in.” – Leslie Zamora