Fair Or Foul?

Mytaviah Beverly

Dr.Ojunta’s Environmental class will be going on a field trip tomorrow, March 20,2019. The field trip was originally supposed to be at the beginning of the school year, but was postponed. One of her very own students was denied a permission slip to go to the field trip because of how she personally feels about the student.”I feel very discriminated against. I feel that every student should be given a chance to go on this trip.” I then asked the said student, Maile’Janessa Hughes, about how she feels knowing that the reason she was denied was because of how Dr. Ojunta feels about her. “I feel upset because at this point I have already been assaulted by this teacher and there was nothing done about it. So I feel this school is no longer a safe environment and is a biased learning environment also.” Do you believe this student should be given the right to attend the trip ?