The Benefits of Furthering Your Education

MaileJanessa Hughes

My name is Maile’Janessa Hughes, I attend Charles Herbert Flowers high school. I am currently a senior, and I believe that furthering my education can contribute to my immediate and long-term goals. I have noticed first hand, young people of my generation saying things like “college is a rip off”, and “college is a scam just to take our money and have us paying off debt for the rest of our lives”. I don’t believe those facts one hundred percent, but they do hold some truth.
There is an extensive number of benefits from furthering your education. It varies from person to person but there are benefits for everyone. The first reason furthering my education interests me so much and probably others, is that it turns dreams into reality. The key to turning my dreams into reality is education, even though that’s not necessarily true for everybody. In my case for a while now I’ve wanted to own and run my own nail salon. Furthering my education will allow me to learn how to properly run a business; learning how to manage money, how to make a prophet, how to understand the market, to have an understanding of regulations and laws that need to be followed, and most importantly having a business plan.
Another reason to further my education is for a stable life and money. I feel in order to be able to reach and access the good things, I need to be educated. In the job field, most jobs that are minimum wage require their workers to have or soon obtain, a high school diploma. I want to be able to earn more than minimum wage for the rest of my life since if I do earn minimum wage, then I won’t be able to obtain the establishment in which my business is going to be located. If I don’t have the funds, how am I going to able to really invest in to something with nothing? I know in order to start a business, you have to take risks, with time and money. I wouldn’t be able to have that financial stability working with minimum wage, and living paycheck to paycheck.
My next reason as to why furthering education is the way to go is because of equality. I, as a young African American woman, the odds were against the moment I came out the womb. Just because I am a woman I don’t have the same rights as everyone else. It’s known that the average woman makes eight cents to a dollar that a man makes, on top of that I am African American so the odds are even greater. So African American woman are typically paid sixty one cents to every dollar paid to white men. Dating back to the early 1800’s when women had little rights if any, women were oppressed, once they were married they identity was wiped away. They couldn’t own businesses, didn’t have rights of custody of their children, couldn’t be the beneficiary of their parents wealth if they were to die, (the money or property would be handed over to a male family member or a family friend.), etc. Women’s rights today are way better than before as you can see. There has probably always been a social push back. So furthering my education I can have a little boost in workplaces and social spaces.
Furthering my education and attending college will allow me to be tremendously more self dependent. That means waking up on time to get to class on time. There will be no mom or grandmother to wake me up in the morning. Being self dependent can be me getting a job so I can eat. It could be me setting up a study group for a certain subject because I’m struggling in a certain class. Going to college will make me self dependent because I can’t rely on my mother to schedule meeting with teachers or going to the financial aid office. I won’t be able to rely or lean on other people because things just won’t get done. In college, I feel like it’s gonna be a real eye opener to me and probably many others because we aren’t gonna have anyone to use as a crutch, when things get up in a bind.
I feel as by furthering my education it will allow me to be more confident, because I will have speak up for myself. I will have to be the one talking to my professors about my grades. I’ll be the one going to the office to go get a new ID when I lose the one I have. I’ll have to speak for myself and over time it will slowly be able to help me be sure of myself and what I want and what I’m saying.
 Furthering my education is very beneficial to my immediate and long term goals. Furthering my education will allow me to bring my dreams into reality, to have a stable life, to have equality, and help with self confidence. That’s how I know furthering my education will benefit me.