Ahmed Shaban

I don’t know where to start about you; you are the most remarkable person I have ever met; I hate it when you are mad; when you are happy I can’t tell, and I love the dream you created for yourself.
I hate to see you communicate with other guys, but I try not to act mad and would walk away. Hearing information about you from your old romantic relationships hurt, but I push through it. I think you believe that something is wrong with me, but when you ask, I say that I am not the jealous type.
I remember somebody said something about you, but you said that you didn’t care because of what I already showed you.
Before you participated in a competition, I would organize and present a pep talk to you, and it would make you cheerful; causing you to perform very well. I remember that you resembled a baby as you complained about going to Texas, but I was delighted, being honest.