Middle School Teacher Finds Change in High School


Alex Harris, General Reporter

Middle school teacher looks for a change and a challenge at Flowers.  Walker Mill’s health teacher, Ms. Liggins is one of the many new teachers joining the CHFHS staff this year.
Liggins has been a health teacher for 10 years now. She was previously an intern at John Hopkins in HIV prevention and taught others to be more health conscience.  This opportunity inspired her to go into her profession as a health teacher.  She holds a Bachelors degree in Science and Public Health, from The University of Maryland in College Park.  Currently, she is working on her Masters in Science and Public Health at Howard University.
When talking to Liggins, she said her reason for leaving was “a change in scenery.”  She was looking for a challenge and that challenge was high school.  She also wanted to follow the leadership of her previous principle, Mr. Brown.
“It is not too different from middle school,” said Liggins.
So far she is likes it here.  And she has found the staff here to be very nice and the students more independent.
Her advice for anyone wanting to take up her area of profession as a teacher is:
“You have to love children and have patience.  You have to passion for this profession and to not just do it for the money. Keep a positive and professional attitude.  You have to be a people person, creative, very flexible, and open-minded.”