Is Charles Herbert Flowers Safe?

MaileJanessa Hughes

Recently our school environment has not been very safe. We are currently on a no-pass policy, teachers are not allowed to give out passes. If a student needs to go anywhere such as the bathroom, or another teachers class. The teacher has to call security to escort the students. What caused the school to go on a no-pass policy? Well weeks prior, there were a plethora of fights on school grounds. So as you can see there was a lot of commotion going on which caused chaos. The students that were fighting were bumping into others causing them to trip or push others. Students were running every which way; scrambling towards different directions to exit the building. Here’s what following student Mytaviah Beverly had to say about the lock down, “I feel that the no-pass policy is overbearing, because i asked to go the attendance office to turn in my excuse note for me being absent and i was told, no. I still have not been able to turn in my excuse note”.  At this point the no-pass policy is an inconvenience for everyone.