What is gentrification?/March For Our Schools

Aaliyah Jackson

Gentrification is formed to have many views:people that agree with it “I think it’s good to rebuild urban neighborhoods, it helps the area to look better”,others who disagree “I think it is bad because it’s pushing out the people that been there for a long time” and some just don’t know.
Former Elected Official Carol Lindsey says “I think it’s good but when you start displacing people. Then I think it’s a bad idea.  You can can move people out as long if it benefits them. You can move them and put them back if they want to.  They tear them up and put them back together.  Look at Washington D.C. they tear them down and now there are white people walking around the streets”.
The cause for gentrification is when an area (usually ubran) is reonivated which they make prices higher in a poor or, poor looking neighborhood.
A Parent, Robert Jackson says “I feel that it’s great.  That someone is investing money into urban areas.  When you invest money into low income urban areas: crime would go down, and the value of the property would go up”.

2009-2013 American Community Survey https://www.governing.com/gov-data/washington-dc-gentrification-maps-demographic-data.html

The image shows a survey that took place between 2009-2013 for Washington D.C on the effect gentrification it holds in this urban area.
Rainy day in Washington D.C. by Aaliyah Jackson

In Washington D.C. their has been a lot renovating in the urban neighborhoods.  People mostly moving their have jobs in the metropolitan area: like for the government, or for a business with high wages .  People that mostly already live in these urban communities work like: customer services, or for the government.
Gentrification can affect the culture and has a negative affect on social capital.
March For Our Schools
Symbol for March For Our Schools https://marchforourschools.com/

The state of PG county is still needing more demand towards funding to schools. There has been no information on whether on not they have made an decision on the issue.
The March For Our School is an organized rally in Maryland for public schools that is being underfunded 2.9 billion unfunded annually – an average of 2 million dollars every school in the state of Maryland. On March 11th, 2019  teachers, parents and children marched for their schools. Source: http:// marchforourschools.com/
A Parent Sonita Jackson said “I think children should stand up for your rights it is still a good cause for children, parents, and teachers.  Eventually it may make a change or difference in the world.  It’s not right you have to speak up for yourself”.