New Child Development Teacher Has An Inclination For The Young Generation

Samara Bharath, General Reporter

“I’ve always wanted to teach the little ones…”

First door on the right in the humanities wing… the mysterious long hallway when you open the door, and bam! a kindergartener’s dream playroom.  Ms. Camilla Pea, the newest addition to the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) department is ready for her favored little ones, who should begin coming to CHFHS in October.

As part of the Child Development course taught here, students in Child Development 1 get the opportunity to interact with kindergarten-aged children who come over from Lake Arbor Elementary School.  Working with kids has always been a dream of Ms. Pea, who transferred from Bladensburg High School.  She majored in early childhood education in college, and went on to teach high school students how to care for the upcoming generations.  She has been teaching for more than 5 years, transferring to CHFHS when Bladensburg ended their FACS program.  Having been born and raised in the DMV area, Pea enjoys teaching kids pertinent lessons that will stay with them for life, and even expressed a slight interest in learning Spanish.

In addition to Child Development levels one, two, and three, Ms. Pea teaches the financial literacy course here, which, she expressed, is extremely important and relevant to teenage students.  If you have an interest in any of these courses or have any questions about a career in Child Development, feel free to stop by at room 1019, or shoot her an email at  In closing, when asked her secret to success, Pea said, “Always have a plan B.”