Welcome to Charles H. Flowers Correctional Facility

Vanessa Roache`

Its 7:50 and you’ve just arrived to school, you’re on your way to your first period of the day. As soon as the clock strucks 7:51, an announcement comes on the school’s intercom.
Those in the halls at this time you must now report to SAC, teachers lock your door and do not admit any students into your classroom at this time. Also today we are still on our “No Pass Policy”, so teachers please do not admit any students any passes for any reasons. Thank you.”
You walk quickly to avoid the security guards in the halls. You get to the third floor and theres one patrolling the upper stair level. You quickly walk past him to avoid any confrontation.
Hey, come here” says the guard. ” Go to SAC
You walk down the steps in the direction of SAC. However you make a diversion on the 2nd level out of the guard’s site and head the other direction, to your class on the third floor.
SAC stands for ‘Student Accountability Center’ a larger version of ISS, in school suspension.  Where they house many students who are either are caught in the hallway or sent out of class by teachers. 
You make it to class, thankfully your teacher understands your ‘lateness’ so you are accepted into class. Time passes by and you are now excused to your third period of the day. You head upstairs to the second floor to Ms.Whitworth’s room to use her computers and do some homework. You have her class anyways for 3 period so she doesn’t mind you stay in her room for lunch.
Her class has two parts; an outer more visible part and a lecture hall. The outer part’s front facing wall is entirely made out of glass, and the back portion wall has a door attached to it that leads to the lecture hall. In the outer portion, there are computers and chairs. 
You sit int the outer portion of the class with 5 other of her students, all working and utilizing the computers. The teacher leaves for her lunch break and you and 5 other students are all in her outer class alone.
In the quietness of the atmosphere a sudden disruption occurs. Ms.Morton comes into the class room with a security guard, ” NO, NO, NO. Everyone out. No one is allowed in this class unless you have a teacher with you. Everyone out.”
Everyone in the class room becomes irritated. Three people leave the class and two reluctant people are left plus you.
One girl shouts “Why are we being forced to the cafeteria, we are literally doing our work and nothing else.
You cannot be in here without supervision.
If thats the case, can we have the security guard stand outside our class?
Go to lunch or you’ll be suspended
You and the other girl leave the classroom, and the last person is still left.
“Im not leaving, this isn’t fair. The classroom is open and you can see clearly through it. It doesn’t make any sense as to why we are all being forced to one designated location like prisoners.” The student just left knowing that the odds of him winning this debate were stacked against him. Morton shut off the lights in the classroom and the ordered the guard to make sure that no student enter this class again. All during lunch the guard paces back and forth in front of the class.
You don’t go to lunch due to the over-crowdedness of the school. So you wait in one little spot in the stairwell until lunch is over.
15 minutes pass and you get a little impatient so you walk to the bottom of the stairway and head towards a school entrance door. Before you even get the chance to touch the door you remember that if you exit the building, theres a high chance of being sent to SAC or detained but one of the police squad cars posted by the perimeters of the campus. So your take 5 paces back and head the other direction. No fresh air, just a glass view of the outside world. No park benches, no freedom to stretch your legs. 
Lunch is over and you head back to your third period class. An hour into the class and you have to use the bathroom. You raise your hand to do so and the teacher reminds you of the “No Pass Policy” the school has been following for a couple of weeks now. So the teacher calls the security guard to escort you to the bathroom. Minutes has passed and still no site of a security guard. Normally theres a security guard in the halls but when you need them to follow through with something you asked them of they’re a ‘no show’. So the teacher calls again and a minute later she arrives to escort you to the bathroom.
Fourth period arises and 90 minutes later this concludes the end of your day.
Did you count how many times the facility has deprived you of your basic human rights?
Unbelievable isn’t it, and to think this was once a high school. When I tell my story to different students at different schools, they are in shock. It was like I attended a prison to them. I was numb to the fact that my school has become a prison. For 3 years I’ve become so used to it. It was my daily routine. A routine that I wasnt proud of. They March and shout for change in our school systems but they are the same people who oppress us of our basic rights. They let a few students actions dictate how the rest of the school will be ran. Instead of sending them to a correctional facility, they make the school into one and the 2,400 others who aren’t bad students are to suffer for the actions of the few.
Welcome to Charles H. Flowers Hs