New Year, New Librarian

Jenise Clark, General Reporter

Mrs. Goff is the new librarian at Charles Herbert Flowers. Born in Cologne, Germany, Mrs. Goff moved to the states to obtain a Masters and Secondary education in Library Science at the University of Maryland: College Park.

Originally she worked in the library at College Park before transferring to Walker Mill Middle School in which she worked for 22 years. She then worked at Buck lodge Middle School for one year before coming to Flowers.

Mrs. Goff has many hobbies. She enjoys reading in which her favorite genre is mystery. She also likes to travel, taking trips to Austria and New Zealand.  Mrs. Goff has had many book clubs over the years at the schools in which she has taught. Once becoming more familiar with the school and her surroundings she would like to start a Book Club at Charles Herbert Flowers during the 2013-2014 school year.

Mrs. Goff enjoys working at Flowers so far and is impressed by the students and schools book selection. Mrs. Goff stated “ I would like the school to invest more time into purchasing books for leisure and entertainment for the students to enjoy”. The library is very open and students are allowed to come with a pass from a teacher or during their lunch period. If needed students are allowed to print work for only 15 cents a page. While in the library students can browse the web, read books and work on school projects. So if you haven’t stopped by the library, now is  the time.