FYI Mentoring Club

Nola Hill

Hey Jags! It still isn’t too late to join FYI. They are still recruiting!
The F.Y.I. Mentoring program was created to help students with building positive identities through social and emotional learning processes.
F.Y.I has four main goals:

(1)  to assist students in becoming more aware and in control of their emotions.
(2)  to increase social awareness and interpersonal skills so students can establish and maintain positive relationships.
(3)  to encourage students to not only set, but achieve personal and academic goals.
(4) to develop decision making skills and promote responsible behaviors in order to be successful in both school and life.
This is club is open to both girls AND boys. If you’re interested in joining, see Ms. Porchea in room 303 or send an email to [email protected]