Jordan Gabriel

“The truth is the only safe ground to stand upon”

     Everybody lies. Sometimes its to protect your self. Sometimes its to protect the people you love. Sometimes its because a lie was just better than the truth. Every lie has it’s own story behind it and within that story there is some truth. Sometimes we lie so much to other people that we begin to lie to ourselves. Then you start to believe the lies that you told yourself, and after that it just becomes your truth. A Lie can take on a life of its own and then become the truth to all the people its fooled.
Whether you choose to believe it or not we are all living with lies, so in a way we are all living a lie. Sometimes we hear lies so much its hard to trust in the truth. So we continue to let lies live on in our lives. But the truth will never die. it just stays silent and waits for its time to shine.