Jayvon Pegus

Today I sat in the darkened kitchen
Convinced that a shooter was going to kill me
But in those moments
I realized what I loved
What I would miss
What I was truly grateful for
They held my hand
Told me to focus on squeezing
Keeping me from panic
As I buried my face in their chest
They patted my shoulder comfortingly
Showing me jokes on their phone
Trying to keep my mind off my panic
And to make me laugh
She was in a different classroom
I had only just come home
What would my mother do if I died?
What would I do if she did?
She wasn’t there
Probably safe at home
She had my friend for eleven years
How would she handle it if I was killed?
I didn’t know where he was
Or if he was okay
He was too young to die
This freshman whom I took under my wing
They let us out after an hour
Turns out it was some hunter too close to the school
But I’m thankful for that.
I’m thankful that my friends, family, and I are all still okay.