Black Girl

Tiana Driver

Black Girl by Malika Hadley Freydberg
“Yeah, girl, I slapped her.
You didn’t really think
I’d let her trash about me and not do anything
About it, did you?
Girlfriend puh-leeze.
I’m a Black girl, with a capital ‘B’.”
But what I didn’t tell her
Is that all I can ever be
Is this oh-so-tough,
Don’t-say-nothin’-about me
Or I’ll-jack-you-up-strong
Black girl—
with a capital ‘B’.”
She doesn’t know I can write poetry like nobody’s business.
And God forbid that anyone
Ever see the hidden intellect beneath
The smooth Black girl facade.
“So, yeah girl!
She ain’t ever gonna step to me again.
With her pathetic self!
I’m a Black girl with a capital ‘B’.”
I’m… a Black…girl…with a capital…”