Jazmyn Georges

Your journey to reach your destination says a lot about you and what you’re working towards. When a journey is long, complicated, or draining and you still go through with it, it means you are committed. Most times, a meaningful destination requires a long journey to see if you are meant to be at the end. The journey, in my opinion, is the hardest part about getting to where you want to be. It prepares you for the worst of what  is yet to come. As young people, and sometimes adults, take the journey for granted. They will try to skip it or rush through it. Be mindful, your journey will be a never ending thing because you should want to go further and further in your life so you cannot get out of it. It teaches you things you never knew before and what do you need to know before you arrive. By a certain point you may even choose a different destination. We all must crawl before we walk.