S.A.C Crackdown


Tristan Shannon

Lately in C.H.Flowers the Student Accountability Center has been growing more and more infamous among the students, and the administrators and teachers are cracking down on students caught in the hallway. I was caught in a S.A.C sweep on Monday morning 3/25/19, whilst walking into the school. I entered the building among a group of people and we were all escorted to the S.A.C immediately. In the S.A.C we were tasked with a reflective essay due by the end of the period in order to reflect on why we were late or caught in the hallway and how to prevent being S.A.C’d again. Personally I didn’t think it was that effective as the point of skipping is to get out of class and the S.A.C keeps you out of class. Also if we were simply late they are postponing our productivity by having write a pointless essay.