Jayvon Pegus

When God created you,
He knew what he would see.
Someone that wasn’t perfect,
Or in heaven you would be.
He put you here on earth
To lead this life you live,
Learning as you go,
Giving what you can give.
He knew that you would stumble
And sometimes even fall.
He knew that you would suffer
And in Jesus Christ you’d call.
Mistakes and bad decisions
He knew you would make
To live and learn from them.
Sometimes more than you can take.
He’s had a plan for you
From the very first day.
Frustrating times will be,
But soon you’ll see his way.
Love, hope, and faith.
He’ll give this all to you.
Patience please, my friend.
How only if you knew.
The love you have inside you,
All the good that you do,
This does not go unnoticed,
And he shall see it too.
He’ll carry you if he needs to
And hold you when you pray.
He knows the pain you carry
Each and every day.
What’s brought you to your knees
Some gave up on you.
God will only keep around
The ones that see it through.
One day you will see
What I’ve been telling you.
The love that he’s been saving
He created just for you.