Jayvon Pegus

trust is me telling the truth.
trust is you believing me.
trust is me not being afraid.
trust is you not making me.
deep down within, i hope real hard
deep down within, i scream and shout
deep down within, i cant help but cry
deep down within, i think theres no way out
for what once had has now been lost
for that i blame myself
for childish as this thought may sound
for that long gone i sorely miss
trust we had so long ago.
trust which i destroyed.
trust is what we need again
trust to make us strong
all i can give is a simple word…sorry
all i can give is a simple thought…happiness
alli can give is a simple emotion…love
all i can give is a simple thing…my heart
i just need you to forgive me…
without you i have nothing i want to give