Gentrification & The State of Our Schools

Joy Douglas


A neighborhood in the process of gentrification .
A neighborhood in the process of gentrification

Have you ever visited a neighborhood, and it looks a specific type of way, but when you visited several years later or just noticed how much it’s changing over time? This transition, called gentrification, is a real process and issue happening in cities and neighborhoods everywhere.
In the past five years Washington D.C. has become very gentrified, due to many new residents moving in that weren’t there before.
There are many cons about gentrification and what it can do to communities. To some people, gentrification is all bad since it leads to higher rent, people being misplaced, and eviction from their neighborhood. According to Isaac Simpson in “Gentrification Is a Form of Oppression,” he says, “He adds that though it may be done with good intentions, the result can be devastating to the residents who are pushed out of the path of development. Gentrification can also cause clashes between classes instead of bringing people together as a community.” Gentrification could be done with good intentions, but when faced with facts, it is harmful to the community.
According to my Grandmother, a D.C. resident, gentrification is happening faster than ever. Across the street from her house, there was just an empty plot of dirt, and in recent years they have built new condominiums. The rent in the buildings are also expensive, and most people in the community before the condos couldn’t afford the rent. Townhouses on my grandmothers street are selling for well over a million when my grandmother bought her house for around 12 thousand dollars.
The gentrification of communities is something that we can’t necessarily control at this point, but it has some harmful effects on the cities, and the residents are feeling the results every day.
The State of Our Schools
March For our Schools 2019
March For our Schools 2019

Our schools are not in worse shape, but some things could be improved.
The March For Our Schools was an event to call attention to the various injustices that are going on in schools and how they need to be fixed.
One issue that affects almost every school is the overcrowding of classrooms. This issue not only affects the students and their ability to learn in a packed class, but it also affects the teachers as well. It’s not simple catering every student since not everyone learns the same, but when there are over 40 students present in one class, it’s outright ridiculous. Since classrooms are overpopulated, students may be left behind and may lose interest after a while. Also, there is a lack of funding for our schools too. We need new books, more materials, and several things. We need more funding, as well as a better system to address issues that influence the state of schools.