Ladae and Green

Yes, I am the drug that you need.
Your need for me is how I feed.
Just a spark of fire is all it takes.
If you use me now I promise you will be awake.
Carry me everywhere you go.
If you leave me, then all your problems will show.
I’m tiny but have all that you desire.
All it takes is for you to pull out that lighter.
Ok, sure I cause cancer.
But I get you through your struggles faster.
Yes, I mess up your lungs.
But don’t worry about that I’m still a lot of fun.
Ok, ok I make your gums look different.
We can build a better relationship with just a little bit of commitment.
Yes, I might have a little smell.
But one puff of me and I will give you a thrill.
Maybe a rush of energy?
That’s another thing you might get from me.
WAIT!! Don’t throw me away.
Maybe you’ll need me another day.
Is this the time that we separate?
We still have more memories to create?
If you don’t use me then other people will.
Because they like how I make them feel.