Ladae and Green

There is pain inside I know.
I can see it in your eyes.
I can’t see the tears but you heart sure cries.
Help? do you need it?
I can most definitely give you hand to get past this.
Talk to me and tell me whats wrong.
I know you have been holding it in for so long.
Now it’s time to let it out.
Just talk to me, heck you can even shout.
Come on, how am I supposed to help you when your not telling me anything?
A shoulder to cry on is what i’m trying to be.
That’s it, go ahead and tell me.
Your mom died when you were 15?
I know, I know now just listen to me.
Would she want you to be this way if she was still with you?
Or would she like to see you succeed and do what you have to do?
Always have her in your heart.
She knows that you were always smart.
She still loves you don’t forget it.
Take her with you through every single moment.
Be strong my love and you’ll get through.
Remember My little girl i’m always watching you.