Ladae and Green

This world is a treacherous place.
It’ll invite you in and make you feel safe and slam a door in your face.
This world will chew you up and spit you out.
It will still  leave you stranded and confused even when you screaming loud.
World do you even care about me?
What do you have planned to make me out to be?
A lonely girl?
A murderer?
A druggy?
A thief?
A mother?
A grandmother?
A super star?
None of that but you leave me with a open gashed scar.
A figment of my imagination of what the world could be.
It’s only something that’s in my head I can see.
Why can’t we live without the treachery?
What is the purpose?
I mean because i’m just curious.
Is it to better us?
Or to stay stuck in this never ending curse?
Please let me know so I can be ready.
To approach this thing face to face called treachery.