Daddy's Girl

Jakeria Spriggs

You left out my life when I was a little kid. I really didn’t understand why I started to see you less but I didn’t care because, when I was with you I had fun. Then you got married and I saw her as my second mom. I then developed a love that was unconditional. 5 years went by and 5 years turned into 10 years and next thing I know, you leave us fatherless, no man in the house to guide and protect us, but you don’t care.  Not to mention this wasn’t your first time walking out of my life like this, you had a second chance and you failed. You didn’t fail as a father mentally, but you failed physically because you wasn’t there when my siblings and I needed you. You never came to our cheerleading competition, you never called me to ask if I wanted to hang out on your days off from work, and the weekends I did come over to see you, you wasn’t home. Instead you were hanging out with friends, driving recklessly, drinking your heart away. Every time I asked for the littlest amount of money you would tell me no because your “broke” but pulled out a fat wad of cash, as if he was selling drugs. You’ll either pay for some Jordan’s, unnecessary items for your car, or for a new dog. And it’s not like you take care of the dogs you have, you make us do it. You know your son isn’t handling the divorce too well…he can’t sleep at night and when he does he has nightmares so he takes your spot in the bed. My little sister really doesn’t care anymore because she realized that she actually spends more time with her now that they’re apart which is really sad. But every time she asks if she can come over you tell her no or when she does come over you leave her in the house while you’re outside hanging out with your friends. And your wife…feels like she lost a big piece of her but it seems like you don’t even care, you’re living your best life, messing with other women, knowing the women that you spent most of your life with is sitting in the house, wondering why she wouldn’t just give up the relationship. She even suggested counseling for the both of you and you kept saying no. Could it be someone else in the picture? She tries not to show us that she is really hurt, but at night she sends you long paragraphs pouring out her heart about how she feels and you reply with little pity responses, but get mad and tell her that she’s really blowing you, all because she’s trying to communicate. She tells you that she is feeling sick and you tell her to get some rest and hope she feels better and the next morning she’s shaking uncontrollably and passes out going down the steps. She then wakes up with the comfort of her kids and her father, crying her eyes out yelling “he’s not coming back” and that she can’t do it anymore. All her father could do is comfort her and say “daddy’s here”.