Teacher Highlight : Mr. Germaine Norman

Tyree Bell

Today, I would like to give a huge shout out to Mr. Germaine Norman (World History, AP World History Teacher)!
Mr. Norman has always been an inspiration to his students from the very first he stepped within the walls of CHFHS. Never does a class go by where one of his students are not challenged to think critically. He takes pride in ensuring that each and every one of his students is college and career ready, and for the students who do not wish to seek a college education, he finds no problem in providing them with the necessary tools to make sure that he/she are financially literate by the time they graduate.
With a unique personality and an ability to connect with all of his students, he is a phenomenal representation of what the Mecca is all about!
Mr. Norman, we, at Charles Herbert Flowers High School, would like to highlight and thank you for your mass contribution in the educating and reshaping our future.
Thank you,
Tyree Bell