Mental Health in Schools

Nola Hill

It’s been said multiple times before that mental health was an issue in our schools. But, I guess I‘ll be the one to say it again. Whenever the topic is brought up, it’s everyone’s natural response to say that we need to do more in order to support our students mentally. But when are we actually going to come up with a systematic approach that’s designed to help our students? 
One in five. That’s how much of our youth show signs or symptoms of mental health disorders. Although many children aged 6-17 are affected by mental illness, over 70% of them are not receiving the mental health care they need. Incase you couldn’t tell, this is a problem. 
Anxiety and depression are two of the biggest problems facing our students today. In February of 2018, a survey found that 70 percent of teens said that anxiety and depression are “major problems “ in their school communities. 
Look around you. These are your students. Your classmates. Your friends. Your teammates. With everything going on nowadays, why cant we make this a priority?