D.C Tries to Gentrify Go-Go

Jhaila Moore

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After an influx of white people invaded Washington, D.C., at breakneck speed in recent years, the city’s paling population has apparently aimed its gentrifying sights on one of the District’s most prized cultural inventions: go-go music. The genre of music and regional phenomenon created in the nation’s capital has reportedly become the object of angst to new residents in the city’s historically Black Shaw neighborhood.
According to a new report from the DCist, there have been complaints about a cellphone store in Shaw playing go-go music, which is typically described as funky percussion-based instrumentation that is many times compared to a junkyard band (in fact, one of the top go-go groups is called Junk Yard Band).
“Without go-go, Washington loses part of its soul and continues its steady march toward becoming richer, whiter—less funktified,”Howard University professor Natalie Hopkinson Wrote in the Washington Post in 2010.