Latavia Spriggs

Time doesn’t wait. It keeps moving and going and never stops. For anyone. Time will always go on, through generations and generations. There’s nothing we can do about it. Which is scary. It’s the one thing on Earth that no one cares we can’t control. Sure, you can push a clock back or forward, but time really never stops. No matter whether all the clocks in the world stop working @ 11:59 pm one day, time will still exist. It has to. The sun rises and sets, day after day, another thing we can’t control. Days and weeks and months and years and centuries going by with time, because of time. The only thing we can do is watch it. We can run to beat times and we can wait for time to pass us by.  We wake up everyday at certain times to go to sleep at certain times. To time our lives as it keeps ticking and ticking away from us. To make you feel like you’re running out of time with the person you love because it never stops and waits for you to say your last goodbyes or it goes by so fast you barely remember your first hellos. And now you’re sitting wondering where did all your time go because it was just 2 o’clock on a Sunday evening and you were sitting in your baby crib asleep .. and now it’s 1 pm on a Wednesday and you’re laying in your casket with everyone wondering about the timeline.