Robot Competition!


Shanice White and Tristan Shannon

The science and technology Computer Science and Engineering Students recently created and raced a robot for the IEE robotics competition. The results posted by Ms. White are below

Over the break, we had 88 of our engineering and computer science 11th grade students compete in the IEEE Robot Challenge at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. These students performed very well. Please help us celebrate the hard work of these students.
Nicholas Acha
Alexander Dulce
Shanice White
The results are:
Two Legged Manual
1st place-Team 18 Eternity (Engineering)
2nd place-Team 21 Turbo Tezla (Engineering)
3rd place-Team 29 Intel (Computer Science)
4th place-Team 16 Team Althlath (Engineering)
5th place-Team 20 USAF Thunderbirds (Engineering)
Two Legged Overall
1st place-Team 18 Eternity (Engineering)
4th place-Team 21 Turbo Tezla (Engineering)
5th place-Team 29 Intel (Computer Science)
Four Legged Manual
1st place-Team 406 Google (Computer Science)
3rd place-Team 404 HALO (Computer Science)
4th place-Team 402 Spirit of Liberty (Engineering)
5th place-Team 401 Air Masters (Engineering)
Four Legged Overall
3rd place-Team 414 TASO (Engineering)
4th place-Team 406 Google (Computer Science)
IEEE Neville Jacobs Awards
Best Two-Legged Manual Robot
Best Four-Legged Manual Robot