My First Day Of High School Experience

Kadijatu Johnson

     My first day of high school? I started preparing myself for my first day of high school in the middle of the summer. I was very happy and excited about starting high school, yet terrified. I couldn’t even wait to start school to make new friends, reunite with old ones, and have all the great experiences of high school. Whenever I start to think about how my first day of high school is going to be I always end up having like a thousand butterflies in my stomach. I asked for some advice from my aunt who has already gone through high school , and  she gave me some really good advice based on her own life experiences, for example how she use to skip class (doesn’t mean I have to skip classes) and just roam around the hallways. And I felt pretty good after she was done talking to me.
          The first day of high school finally arrived. I felt pretty good and super overwhelm . I felt as if I was ready for any challenges and whatsoever. I felt like this is what I’ve been preparing for all summer long. I was determined and more than ready.I packed my backpack and everything I could possibly need for school. I was so energetic and ready to come to school and do my best,  just be me and put forth my best effort to achieve what I am here for. I organized everything and woke up an extra hour early to shower and get dressed.
          After I finished getting myself ready, I woke my aunt up so that she can give me a ride to school. As we got closer and closer to the school, I got very nervous and sick to the stomach. We pulled up in front of the school entrance and I got out of the car and walked into the building. Entering high school for the first time is very intimidating because I had to find a way to adjust to the diversity all around me.Being at high school on the first day felt like I was growing up so fast. It was very overwhelming. It was such a great feeling just knowing that I am starting high school.
                  Seems like just yesterday I came from Sierra Leone (a country in Africa) to  here in America and now I’m in high school. I am making the best out of my ability and time.  There were a lot of stranger kids and the building was very crowded and very noisy too. Finding my classes was not very easy at all for me, I do not  know maybe it because I am new in the building. I had to ask for directions from the administrators to get to my classes. After my first two classes, the day was going great; everyone was in their friendship groups from middle school, I was able to find some of my friends too after few minutes of pushing between the the large groups of students. I was hoping to make new friends but I did not.  Most of my friends happened to have had different schedules and some we have one or two classes together. Some of my friends have the same classes as me but at different times in the day. 
                I had the chance to know some of my teachers better, they were actually pretty cool and funny too and very interesting. The school lunch is not good. It taste nasty especially the pizza. I think that is because it’s only the first day and first week of school. I think as the school year goes on and on the lunch would get better. After school I had to walk home and it was actually raining by that time. I was a bit worried because I didn’t want my binder to get wet and my supplies destroyed. I was able to get home safely without any of my stuff being destroyed. I came home say hi to my mom and then went upstairs to change. After I came down stairs to help my mom cook, and after helping her  I did my homework. After my mom finished cooking I ate dinner and then went back to the computer to finish typing in my essay for my English class.